1. Promotion Of Life Skills
    1. Social Problem Solving Techniques
      1. Explain the meaning and importance of applying problem solving techniques
      2. Identify steps in the problem solving process
  2. Government Of Tanzania
    1. Government
      1. Explain the meaning and types of government
      2. Illustrate the importance of government
    2. The Constitution
      1. Explain the meaning and the structure of the national constitution
      2. Explain how the constitution is made, its importance, its relationship to the government of Tanzania, how it is safeguarded
    3. Local Government
      1. Define local government
      2. Describe the structure of local government
      3. Identify functions of local government
      4. Participate actively in function of either school or local government
      5. Explain why the local government has an important effect on his/her life
      6. Explain sources of local government revenue
      7. Explain how the local government spends its revenue
    4. Central Government
      1. Explain the meaning of central government
      2. Describe the structure of the central government
      3. Explain the functions of the central government
      4. Differentiate between local and central government
      5. Identify sources of central government revenue
      6. Explain the central government expenditure
      7. Participate in different central government activities
    5. The Reasons for and Importance of Tanganyika and Zanzibar Union
      1. Explain the reasons for and importance of Tanganyika and Zanzibar union
      2. Identity union matters in the government of the United Republic of Tanzania
      3. Suggest strategies for improving the union's stability
  3. Democracy
    1. Types of Democracy
      1. Explain the meaning of democracy
      2. Analyse the principles of democracy
      3. Differentiate types of democracies
      4. Assess whether Tanzania implements in accordance with the principle of democracy
      5. Differentiate democratic from non-democratic government
      6. Analyse common features of multiparty democracy
      7. Explain how he/she can participate in democratic activities in the society
    2. Democratic Election
      1. Explain the meaning and indicators of democratic elections
      2. Explain the importance of democratic elections
      3. Assess whether there are free and fair elections in Tanzania
      4. Demonstrate a spirit of tolerance by accepting constructive criticism and defeat
  4. Gender
    1. The Concept of Gender
      1. Explain the meaning of gender
      2. Identify different gender concepts
      3. Suggest corrective measures against negative socio-cultural practices
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