1. Culture
    1. Aspects and Elements of Culture
      1. Explain the meaning aspects and elements of culture
      2. Illustrate the importance of each element of culture
    2. Positive and Negative Aspects of our Cultural Values
      1. Identify positive and negative aspects of our cultural values
      2. Illustrate customs which lead to gender discrimination
      3. Point out customs that lead to the HIV/AIDS and STIs
      4. Analyse the impact of the negative aspects of our customs
      5. Propose ways and actions to be taken against negative aspects of our socio-cultural values
    3. Promotion and Preservation of our Worthy Cultural Values
      1. Explain the importance of promoting and preserving our worthy cultural values
      2. Assess the roles of different groups and institutions in promoting and preserving our cultural values
      3. Illustrate problems facing the promotion of our cultural values
      4. Propose solution to problems arising in the process of promoting and preserving our cultural values
    4. Culture of Preventive Care and Maintenance of Personal and Public Property
      1. Explain the meaning and the importance of culture of preventive care and maintenance of personal and public property
      2. Analyse the consequences of neglecting timely repair and maintenance
    5. Promotion of Life Skills
      1. Demonstrate how to use different life skills
  2. Globalization
    1. The Concept and Aspects of Globalization
      1. Explain the concept and aspects of globalization
      2. Propose possible solution to each of the challenges
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