1. Transportation
    1. Transportation
      1. Define the term transportation
      2. Explain the different modes of transport (road transport, rail way, water, air and pipe-line)
      3. Point out the advantages of each of the modes
      4. Distinguish the various transport documents
      5. Explain the various factors that determine choice of mode of transport
  2. Communication
    1. Communication
      1. Define the term communication
      2. Explain the nature of communication
      3. Show the importance of communication to business
      4. Identify the various types (divisions or classifications) of communication
      5. Point out the factors that influence choice of communication media
  3. Marketing
    1. Marketing
      1. Define the term "market" from "marketing"
      2. Identify the various types of markets
      3. Explain product planning and development
      4. Explain Branding
      5. Explain Grading
      6. Explain Standardizing
      7. Explain packing and packaging
      8. Explain Market research
      9. Explain Merchandising
      10. Explain the term "advertisement"
      11. Point out the various types of advertisements
      12. Mention the advantages and disadvantages of advertisements
      13. Explain the factors to be considered when choosing advertising Media
      14. Explain the different types of marketing institutions in Tanzania e.g. BET, chamber of commerce
  4. Money
    1. Money
      1. Expalin the historical background of money
      2. Define the term "barter system"
      3. Point out merits and demerits of "barter system"
      4. Give a definition of "money"
      5. Mention the functions of money
      6. Distinguish inflation from deflation
  5. Banking
    1. Banking
      1. Explain the historical background of banking
      2. Explain the types and functions of banks
      3. Identify the various bank accounts and how they operate
      4. Differentiate the main means of payments: Cheques; Bills of exchange; Promissory notes; Postal orders
  6. International Trade
    1. International Trade
      1. Explain the meaning of international trade
      2. Point out how international trade arises
      3. Mention the advantages and disadvantages of international trade
      4. Differentiate visible from invisible trade
      5. Distinguish between balance of trade and balance of payments
  7. Import Trade
    1. Import Trade
      1. Explain the meaning and importance of import trade
      2. Identify the main organizations involved in import trade in (Tanzania)
      3. Differentiate, the two types of imports direct and indirect
      4. Explain the import procedure and formalities with special emphasis on: Documentation; term of payment; Terms of delivery
  8. Export Trade
    1. Export Trade
      1. Explain the meaning and importance of export trade
      2. Identify the organization involved in the export trade
      3. Mention the documents for export and the export procedures in Tanzania
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