1. Listening To And Understanding Simple Texts About A Variety Of Events And Situations
    1. Listening To and Understanding Simple Oral Texts on Events
      1. Questions on Simple Oral Texts on Events
    2. Listening to and Understanding Simple Texts
      1. Question on simple oral texts on a variety of situations
    3. Listening to Dictations
      1. Write Down What is Read
  2. Giving Directions
    1. Stating Directions
      1. Give and ask for directions
      2. Show four points of the compass
  3. Using A Dictionary
    1. Using a Dictionary Effectively
      1. Use dictionaries effectively for obtaining meanings and spellings of words
  4. Expressing Personal And Group Routines/Habits
    1. Expressing Personal Routines/Habits
      1. Talk about his/her home routine/habits
    2. Expressing Group Routines/Habits
      1. Talk about class routine/habits
  5. Expressing Ongoing Activities
    1. Talking about Ongoing Activities
      1. Talk about Activities being done by Oneself and other Creatures/Things
  6. Expressing Likes And Dislikes
    1. Expressing Likes/Dislikes
      1. Express likes and dislikes
    2. Expressing Preferences
      1. Talk about preferences
  7. Talking About One's Family
    1. Expressing Family Relations
      1. Express kinship
    2. Talking about the Occupations of Family Members
      1. Mention the occupation(s) of family members
    3. Talking about Ownership or Possession
      1. Make statement about ownership
    4. Describing Physical Appearance
      1. Describe people's physical appearance
    5. Describing Character
      1. Describe his/her character
      2. Describe people's character
  8. Expressing Opinions And Feelings
    1. Expressing Personal Opinions
      1. Express his/her opinions
    2. Expressing State of Health
      1. State his/her health, condition, state other people's health conditions
    3. Expressing Feelings
      1. Express feelings
  9. Talking About Past Events/Activities
    1. Expressing Past Activities
      1. Narrate his/her activities
    2. Taking About the Past
      1. Narrate past events
  10. Expressing Future Plans/Activities
    1. Talking about Future Plans/Activities
      1. Express future plans
  11. Reading A Variety Of Texts
    1. Intensive Reading
      1. Respond to specific questions on a text read
  12. Interpreting Literary Works
    1. Interpreting Simple Stories
      1. Explain the message from simple stories read
    2. Interpreting Poems
      1. Answer questions on a poem read
  13. Analysing Information From The Media
    1. Analysing Information from the Media
      1. Identify facts from media
    2. Analysing Non-Factual Information from the Media
      1. Identify non-factual information from media
  14. Writing Personal Letters
    1. Writing Friendly Letters
      1. Write personal letters
  15. Taking Notes
    1. Writing Notes from Oral Texts
      1. Write down important points from oral texts
    2. Writing Notes from Written Texts
      1. Write down important points from written texts
  16. Writing A Variety Of Texts
    1. Filling in Forms
      1. Fill in the Varieties of forms
    2. Writing Things in a Diary
      1. Write things/notes in a diary
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