1. Human Activities
    1. Concept of Human Activities
      1. Give the meaning of human activities
      2. Identify major types of human activities
  2. Agriculture
    1. Small Scale Agriculture
      1. Explain the characteristics of small-scale agriculture at subsistence level
      2. Explain the effects of rapid population growth on small scale agriculture
      3. Describe advantages and disadvantages of small-scale agriculture
    2. Large Scale Agriculture
      1. Name types of large-scale agriculture in the world
      2. List the major crops grown in each type of large-scale agriculture
      3. Describe characteristics of large-scale agriculture
      4. Describe the requirements for growth, farm, preparation, planning, care, harvesting, processing, storage and transport.
      5. Identify and locate major producing countries for respective crops in the world
      6. Describe contribution of produced crops to the economy of USA and Tanzania
      7. Drawing example from Tanzania and USA explain problems facing large scale agriculture
    3. Livestock Keeping
      1. Describe how pastoralism, sedentary and commercial livestock keeping are practiced
      2. Explain the benefits and constraints of livestock keeping practices
      3. Compare livestock keeping between Australia and Tanzania
      4. Describe livestock keeping as practiced in different communities in Tanzania
  3. Water Management For Economic Development
    1. Importance of Water
      1. Explain uses and economic importance of water
      2. Describe the relationship between family size, water supply and quality of life
      3. Explain the relationship between vegetation and water supply
      4. Explain how distance to water sources from household affects the girl child
    2. River Basin Development
      1. State the benefits of developing river basins
      2. Explain the organization, benefits, problems faces and prospects of Rufiji Basin Development Authority (RUBADA) and Tennessee River Valley Authority
    3. Land Reclamation
      1. Explain the major aims for land reclamation
      2. Describe the techniques used in land reclamation
      3. Explain land reclamation process in Tanzania
    4. Sustainable Use of Water Resources
      1. Explain the types of underground water and how it can be tapped for use at local and national levels in Tanzania
      2. Differentiate different resources that are obtained from Water
      3. Describe methods used for extracting resources from water
      4. Explain the problems caused by extraction of water resources
    5. Water Pollution
      1. Define pollution
      2. Differentiate the main sources of water pollution
      3. Describe various ways of conserving water resources
  4. Sustainable Use Of Forest Resources
    1. Types of Forestry Resources
      1. Identify types of forests
      2. Locate the distribution of forests by type
      3. Explain factors for distribution of forests
    2. Importance of Forestry Resources
      1. Describe the importance and values of forests in social and economic life
      2. Explain the importance of forests in ecological and environmental balance
    3. Important Areas of Forest Products, their Transport and Use in the World
      1. Identify important countries in timber production
      2. Explain the means of transportation and problems of timber transportation in the world
    4. Problems Associated with Forestry Resources Harvesting
      1. Describe the problems facing forestry resources harvesting
      2. Describe ways to address problems facing forests in the world
  5. Sustainable Mining
    1. Types of Mining Industries
      1. Name different types of mining industries
    2. Types and Distribution of Mining Regions in the World
      1. Explain major types of minerals found in the world
      2. Locate mining regions in the world map and the type of minerals extracted
    3. Methods of Mining
      1. Categories of various ways of mining
      2. Explain ways of processing different types of minerals
    4. Contribution of Mining Industry to the Economy of Tanzania
      1. Explain the economic importance of mining to the economy of Tanzania
    5. The effects of the Mining Industry in the Environment
      1. Describe the effects of mining to the environment
      2. Propose ways of minimizing effects of mining to the environment
    6. Focal Studies
      1. Oil production in the Middle East
      2. Natural gas production in Tanzania
      3. Describe advantages of oil production in the Middle East and natural gas production in Tanzania
  6. Tourism
    1. Concept of Tourism
      1. Define tourism
    2. Factors for the Development and Growth of the Tourism Industry in the World
      1. Describe factors which have contributed to the development and growth of tourism in the world
    3. Importance of Tourism in the World
      1. Explain the importance of tourism in the world
      2. Identify impact of tourism in the world
      3. State ways of addressing the negative impact of tourism
    4. Focal Studies on Tourism Industry
      1. Describe factors for the development of tourism in Switzerland, Namibia and Tanzania
      2. Explain the importance of tourism in Switzerland, Namibia and Tanzania
      3. Identify problems facing tourism industry in Tanzania
      4. Explain methods used to increase the income of tourism industry in Tanzania
      5. Discuss the lessons that can be drawn to promote tourism industry in Tanzania
  7. Manufacturing Industry
    1. Concept and Importance of Manufacturing Industries
      1. Define manufacturing industry
      2. Explain the importance of manufacturing industry
    2. Types of Manufacturing Industries
      1. Describe the types of manufacturing industries in East Africa
      2. Identify products of each type of manufacturing industry
    3. Factors for Location of Industries
      1. Name factors necessary for location of industries
      2. Explain how each pollutant affects the environment, industrial employees and the communities around the plant
    4. Focal Studies
      1. Explain the production of cars in Japan, electronic equipment in South Korea and textiles in Tanzania
      2. Identify lessons from Japan and South Korea industries for Tanzania
  8. Sustainable Use Of Power And Energy Resources
    1. Power and Energy
      1. Define power and energy
    2. Major Sources of Power
      1. Identify the major sources of power and energy
      2. Describe the origin of different types of energy and power sources
    3. Methods of Acquiring or Extracting Power and Energy
      1. Explain methods of acquiring/extracting power and energy
    4. Importance and Use of Power and Energy Resources
      1. Explain the use and importance of these types of power resources
    5. Problems Facing Power and Energy Production
      1. Discuss the problems facing the process of power and energy harnessing
      2. Suggest ways of addressing power and energy harnessing
    6. Focal Studies; Solar and Wind Power in U.S.A Hydroelectric Power and Biogas in Tanzania
      1. Evaluate the importance of power and energy resources in the focal countries
      2. Summarize problems facing power and energy harnessing in focal countries
      3. Propose solutions to problems facing power and energy harnessing in focal countries
      4. Draw successful lessons from countries for better harnessing of power and energy resources in Tanzania
  9. Transport
    1. Main Types of Transport
      1. Describe the main types of transport system at global and East African level
    2. Importance of Transport
      1. Explain the importance of transport in Tanzania and East Africa
    3. Problems Facing Transport Industry
      1. Identify problems facing transportation in East Africa
      2. Explain the measures to address transportation problems in Tanzania
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