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Average in salary in Tanzania |Viwango Vya Mishahara Tanzania

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Viwango Vya Mishahara Serikalini | Government Salary Scale In Tanzania

If you are a job seeker or employee in Tanzania, understanding the government salary scale is important for your career growth. The government salary scale is a unified salary structure that determines the salaries and wages of civil servants in Tanzania. It is designed to ensure that employees in the public sector receive fair and equitable salaries in accordance with their qualifications, experience and responsibilities.

Tanzania’s government salary scale has a long history that dates back to the colonial era. At this time, salaries for civil servants were determined by seniority and rank. The same technique was used by the government of Tanzania after it obtained independence. In the 1980s, the government introduced a new salary structure system which aimed to provide a fair and equitable salary scale for all government employees, based on job descriptions and responsibilities.

How is Government Salary Scale In Tanzania (Viwango Vya Mishahara Serikalini) Determined and who is responsible ?

The government salary scale in Tanzania is determined by the Ministry of Labour and Employment (Tanzania). The PMO-LYED is responsible for reviewing and recommending salary structures for public servants. The commission is composed of experts from various fields, including economics, law, and human resources.

The ministry is guided by several factors when determining the salary scale for different position and proffession in the country. These include the cost of living, economic growth, Personal education, and inflation rates. They also consider the need to attract and retain skilled and competent public servants.

Tanzania’s governmental salary scale is divided into grades and scales. The grade classifications range from A to D, with each grade featuring a few levels of compensation. An employee’s particular grade and scale is determined based on educational background, experience, and assigned duties.

Salaries in each grade are arranged in a step-by-step manner, increasing in increments. Employees progress to higher levels based on their performance and tenure.

Why is Knowing the Government Salary Scale Important?

For those employed in Tanzania’s public sector, understanding the salary structure of the government is a necessity for numerous reasons which includes one listed below.

  1. Financial planning and management: Knowing how government salaries are set can be extremely helpful for budgeting and managing money. Employees can calculate their monthly earnings, assess the taxes they will owe, and decide intelligently on what to save and how much to spend.
  2. Career growth and development: Understanding the government salary scale can be beneficial to employees who wish to develop their career. They can take advantage of growth opportunities within their existing level, or strive to reach a higher grade by developing the required qualifications and gaining pertinent experienc
  3. Employee satisfaction and motivation: When employees are aware of the salary scale and the criteria used to determine their salaries, they are more likely to be satisfied with their pay and motivated to perform well in their roles.
  4. Transparency and accountability: Knowledge of government salary levels promotes transparency and accountability in the public sector. It ensures that employees are paid fairly and equitably based on their qualifications, experience and responsibilities.

Government Salary Scale In Tanzania | Viwango Vya Mishahara Serikalini

Mshahara Ngazi Ya TGS Mshahara Kwa Mwezi  Mshahara Baada Ya Nyongeza
TGS A 310,000                                               380,000
TGS B 390,000                                               450,000
TGS C 525,000                                               585,000
TGS D 710,000                                               765,000
TGS E 950,000                                           1,000,000
TGS F 1,255                                           1,300,000
TGS G 1,630.00                                           1,660,000
TGS H 2,085.00                                           2,110,000
TGS I 2,885,000                                           2,905,000
TGS J 3,360.00                                           3,380,000

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