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The University Courses and Programs with Highest Salaries after Graduation in Tanzania

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The largest economical sector in Tanzania is agriculture, employs about 75% of all employees in the country, and accounts about 50% of the GDP. The country is 3th largest gold producer in Africa behind South Africa and Ghana. Tanzanite (a type of precious gemstone) is found only in Tanzania. Tourism is an important sector in Tanzania as well and rapidly growing. Africa's highest mountain Kilimanjaro is located in Tanzania. The country has many beaches such as Zanzibar, and national parks like the Serengeti.

Getting a well-paying job is not easy task and debates have always ensued on the jobs that pay well and the ones people should avoid or take as side-kicks. Even in the lurking face of high unemployment, those lucky enough to secure jobs look for better salaries and working conditions.

Below is a list of the 20 highest paying careers in Tanzania

[1] Production Executive (Executive and Management)
2,682,461 TZS
[2] Network Technician (Information Technology)
2,460,000 TZS
[3] Market Development Manager (Marketing)
2,400,000 TZS
[4] Assistant Manager (Executive and Management)
2,155,650 TZS
[5] Senior Accountant (Accounting and Finance)
2,000,000 TZS
[6] Sales Manager (Marketing)
1,900,000 TZS
[7] Field Service Manager (Facilities / Maintenance / Repair)
1,800,000 TZS
[8] Quality Assurance Manager (Quality Control and Compliance)
1,550,000 TZS
[9] Biochemist (Science and Technical Services)
1,500,000 TZS
[10] Accountant (Accounting and Finance)
1,266,667 TZS
[11] Human Resources Administrator (Human Resources)
1,100,000 TZS
[12] System Administrator (Information Technology)
1,100,000 TZS
[13] Project Manager (Information Technology)
1,000,000 TZS
[14] Corporate Sous Chef (Food /Hospitality / Tourism / Catering)
930,000 TZS
[15] Area Director (Executive and Management)
850,000 TZS
[16] Human Resources Manager (Human Resources)
833,333 TZS
[17] Administrative Manager (Administration / Reception / Secretarial)
675,000 TZS
[18] Chartered Accountant (Accounting and Finance)
650,000 TZS
[19] Advertising Coordinator (Advertising / Grapic Design / Event Management)
644,700 TZS
[20] Microbiologist (Science and Technical Services)
500,000 TZS

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