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MOE:Samia Scholarship Tanzania 2022/2023

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Samia Scholarship 2022/2023

The Minister of Education, Science and Technology, Prof. Adolf Mkenda has said that they have allocated Bill. 3 that will be used in a program to fund students who achieved high results in their sixth form examinations in science subjects. . Minister Mkenda said this today, September 25, 2022, where he has noted that the Program named ‘Samia Scholarship’ will be officially announced on September 27, 2022 and initially 640 students will be admitted.

A total of Sh3 billion has been set aside to educate students who achieved high success in science subjects in their sixth form examinations. The funding which starts in 2022/2023 is done under a program known as Samia Scholarship. Speaking today, Sunday September 25, 2022, the Minister of Education, Science and Technology, Professor Adolf Mkenda has said that on September 27, 2022 they will officially open the announcement of the funding which will involve students who have achieved a high level and have been admitted to study science in various colleges.



“After that, their names will be published in various media because they have done very well in studies and they deserve to be given the Mama Samia Scholarship,” he said. He has said that 640 students are the ones who have achieved a high level in science studies, so they will know and if they are admitted in science studies they will be the beneficiaries of this funding.

 In addition, Professor Mkenda has said that tomorrow there will be a meeting of education stakeholders in the country where the aim is to review the Education and Training policy for 2014 as well as changes in the education curriculum.

“Discussions will be based on the action reached from the review of policies and curricula after collecting many opinions of stakeholders that we collected through various meetings and others have been presenting to us in writing,” he said. He mentioned the stakeholders who will meet are lecturers, employers and development stakeholders, institutions related to language, parliamentarians, delegates from Zanzibar, educational societies, scientific research institutions, public, private and religious institutions.

Professor Mkenda has also asked Tanzanians to submit drafts of their novels and famous texts to compete for awards for creative writers known as the Mwalimu Nyerere awards.


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