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Expressing your Opinions
Express his/her opinions
Read the following text about Corporal Punishment
School Corporal Punishment refers to the physical punishment of students. I think corporal punishment is bad for the following reasons: Firstly, corporal punishment creates enmity between the teacher and students which can cause students to perform badly. Secondly, this kind of punishment can lead to severe injuries to students. Thirdly, it also creates fear among students. My advice is that corporal punishment should be prohibited, students should be advised and counselled instead.
Exercise 1
  1. Mention the effect(s) of corporal punishment.
  2. Give your opinions about the following; (a) the Environment. (b) HIV/AIDS (b) School rules (c) Child labour.

Stating One's Health, Condition, State other People's Health Conditions
State his/her health, condition, state other people's health conditions
Read the text below is about expressing health.
My name is Jackie and I am a student at Patience Secondary School. I usually get very painful headaches. I decided to see a doctor who asked me to describe my headaches. I told him that when my headaches, I feel dizzy and it usually aches on sunny days. The doctor asked what medicine I take for my headaches. I told him that I only drink water and get some rest. The doctor decided to conduct a medical checkup on me and discovered that I had eye problems and malaria. He prescribed some pills and advised me to get spectacles for my eye problem.
Exercise 2
  1. What did Jack do with the doctor?
  2. What was the problem Jack was experiencing?
  3. What symptoms did Jackie have?
  4. What medicine did Jackie take?

This subtopic requires students to express their feelings about hunger, anger, thirst, sadness and happiness.
Expressing Feelings
Express feelings
Example 1
  • I feel unwell.
  • I feel sad about the death of the actor.
  • I usually feel thirsty when I eat cassava.
Activity 1
  1. Express your opinions about child labour.
  2. If your friend is sick, how can you express how he/she feels?
  3. Can you express your feelings to your friend/ mother?
  4. How can you identify a person suffering from malaria?


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