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Things in Terms of their Quality
Describe things in terms of their quality
In English we use adjectives to describe things. An adjective is a word which is used to express the quality, quantity and point out the person or things. This is the word which is used to explain more about the noun or pronoun. In this lesson we are going to learn to describe things according to their quality and quantity. Adjective of quality; is an adjective used to talk about the quality of a person or thing. These adjectives answer the question ‘of what kind?’
Example 1
Greta is a good girl. (Ask the question ‘what kind of girl?’ and you get the answer ‘good’.)
Rashid is hard working. (Ask the question ‘Rashid is of what kind?’ and you get the answer ‘hard working’.)
Tanzanian tea is famous all over the world. (Ask the question ‘what kind of tea?’ and you get the answer ‘Tanzanian ’.)
He is a gifted footballer. (Ask the question ‘what kind of footballer?’ and you get the answer ‘gifted’.)
Exercise 1
Point out quantity and quality description words:
  1. There were some plates on the table.
  2. Miss Kitty wore black shoes.
  3. Peter helped the old man.
  4. There were no biscuits in the tin.
  5. King lifts the heavy box.
  6. All members of Siyame family went to the theatre.
  7. There is sufficient food for you.
  8. Mrs. Cow has a blue purse.
  9. Baraka has enough money to buy the bat.
  10. Piggy has a long rope.


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