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The Message from Simple Stories Read
Explain the message from simple stories read
Reading is something most of us practice daily; we read newspapers, magazine, novels and textbooks. However, reading a newspaper differs from reading literature. For one thing, the purpose for reading each one is different, and, therefore, the method must also vary. Reading literature is usually required for your English learning. Although you may feel that reading is the simple task of picking up your book and going through it from cover to cover, there are certain hints that will make reading easier, more understandable, and, in the long run, less time-consuming and more enjoyable.
Literature is an art which uses language carefully to portray a message to society. The following are a few points that may help make your next reading assignment easier to complete.
Analyzing short stories
In form One and now in form Two, you have read short stories such as Mabala the Farmer and Kalulu the Hare. You must make reading stories a habit especially if your school has a library. If you do so your vocabulary will improved and you will gain confidence in taking part in class discussions. Choose a book that you can finish reading in one week. A short story is interesting if it answers the following features:
TittleWhat is the meaning of the title? Who is the author?
SettingDoes the story happen in one place or many places? Does it last for a short period or does it have several episodes at different times?
charactersWho are they? Do they change their habits? Why are they interesting?
PlotWhat problem does the main character face? How is the problem solved? Is the story believable?
StyleDoes the author use hints, repletion, songs, dialogue or other techniques?
ThemeHow does it relate to the society?
impactHow does the story touch the feelings of the readers?
Exercise 1
Choose one of the story books that you have read as a class reader this year. Write down the answers to the following questions
  1. What is the title of the book?
  2. Who is the author?
  3. Name and describe the main character?
  4. What does the author say about the rest of the characters?
  5. What lesson(s) do we learn from the book?

Answering Questions from a Poem
Answer questions from a poem
Exercise 2
Read the passage below and answer the questions that follow
A freedom song
Atieno washes dishes
Atieno plucks the chicken
Atieno gets up early
Beds her sacks in the kitchen
Atieno eight years old
Atieno yo,
Since she is my sister’s child
Atieno needs no pay,
While she works my wife can sit
Sewing every sunny day
With her earnings I support
  1. Who is the imaginary speaker in this poem?
  2. Who is Atieno?
  3. Where does she sleep? On what?
  4. How much is Atieno paid? What reason is given for that?
  5. How much housework does the aunt do? Why?



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