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Life Skills Topic 7

We know you can do it! Fill in the picture with the passing marks you want to get!We shall give you the tips which will help you to get good marks thoughout this topic.
The Tips for Feeling Confident and Minimizing Anxiety
Explain the meaning of confident, importance and tips of feeling confident and minimizing anxiety
What tips can we use to settle ourselves? Includes mind, body and spirit.
For example, the time You scored the winning goal in your football game. Close your eyes and picture this moment – whatever was a successful moment in your own past - in your mind. Then share what picture you had in your mind with someone sitting next to you.
  • Think Positive! Have confidence! Your teachers have taught you all of the material and the answers to the test questions are just in your heads. The test is just a way to show off all of the knowledge you have.
  • Visualize success: Think of a time when you were successful and proud of yourself. This does not have to be related to school only at all but just an instance that will have to inspire your confidence.
The tips for the body are;
  • Clench and Release: sometimes with stress your hand will clench around your pencil (or other body parts with clench up) but to take a moment and release and relax your muscles so you aren’t holding that tension.
  • Deep breadths: when your mind starts racing or stressing to pause and take a deep breadth. In a very exaggerated way so you can experience the release of their breath – and anxiety.
For the spirit are;
  • Pray: in whatever form that your religion or spirituality supports you
  • You are not the only ones: Explain how many other students have taken these same exams and made it through. Life goes on after exams and you are not alone.

The Steps for Answering any Subject or Types of Questions
Explain the steps for answering any subjects or types of questions
Start with the easy questions first
How do you know which questions are easy?
You should scan the test quickly and look for terms or operations that you are familiar with.For example, when looking at a math test, it would be easy to scan for which questions are easy. There may be a question with the image of a triangle, which asks you to do geometry versus a question with an equation that asks you to do algebra. If you know you aren’t good at geometry but good at algebra, skip the geometry question and start with the algebraic question first.Do the easy questions first, if you come across a question that is too difficult skip it and come back to it later.
You start with the easy questions to build your confidence so you can then move on to tackling the more difficult problems. If you begin with a question that is too hard for you, you will spend all your time struggling to answer it, might become defeated and then won’t get the chance to answer the questions you really do know! The point of the exam is to get as many points/marks as possible, so do the easy ones first so you know you will at least get those marks.
Then work on difficult questions
Once you have answered all of the easy questions then go back to the questions you skipped earlier because they looked hard.
Make sure to fill in every question, even if you have to guess
Do not leave any question blank. Now that you have done the easy ones first, try your best at the more difficult ones, you should make your best guess on those that you don’t know. If you are running out of time, it is better to quickly fill in an answer than to leave it blank.
Why? You are not penalized for getting the wrong answer. Therefore it is worth it to put something down for every question since there may be a chance for you to get some points.

The Steps for Answering Multiple Choice Questions in Maths
Explain the tips for answering multiple choice questions in Maths
Eliminate wrong answers first
Why? By eliminating wrong answers, you are increasing your chances of getting the right answer. If you are trying to choose the correct answer from all four choices you only have a 25% chance of getting it right. If you are able to eliminate even just one answer your chances increase to 33%. Better yet, if you can narrow the answers down to two options then you have a 50% possibility of guessing correctly.

The Ways to Avoid Careless Mistakes and Wasting Time
Explain the ways of avoiding careless mistakes and wasting time
Tip: Show work neatly.
When solving math problems also make sure to show your work and write neatly.
Why? That way the person grading your exam will be able to follow your work and give you full credit. If you are messy, even if the answer may be there, the grader may not be able to find it and will not award you the points.
Tip: Read the Instructions Carefully
This is also a common mistake. You are eager to get into answering the questions and may be worried you don’t have enough time to do well on all of them, so you immediately open the test booklet to the questions. But stop! First take the time to read all of the instructions. That little bit of time up front can save you a lot of time during the test.
Why? Sometimes you do not have to answer all of the questions. The instructions will tell you how many of the questions you need to answer.It will also often give you suggestions on how long to spend on any section of the test. This can help you with time management and know how to pace yourself during each section.
Sample to use for Reading The Instruction

The Steps for Answering Multiple Choice Questions in English
Explain the steps for answering multiple choice questions in English
Use this picture and follow the tips on how to answer the questions
Step One: Plug in each option for an answer into the sentence
Step Two: Ask yourself: “Does that sound right?” If not, then cross it out and do the same thing with the rest of the options.
Step Three: Once you have eliminated all of the options for answers that you know or don’t think are right, then choose the answer that is remaining and sounds the best with the sentence.

The Ways for Answering Comprehensive Questions
Explain the ways for answering comprehensive questions
TIP: Scan the Questions To Answer before Reading the Passage
So You Know What You Are Reading For
Tip;Then Read the Passage
Underlining the key words that match the questions
Tip:Now go back and answer the questions
Using the key words you underlined to help you find the answers
Activity 1
Use the tips analysed to answer the followingSample Comprehension Passage



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