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In this skill set; the student should be able to express personal ideas, feelings, opinions, views, and emotions on a variety of issues and in different contexts.
Expressing Personal Ideas, Feelings, Opinions, Views and Emotions on a Variety of Issues in Different Contexts
Express personal ideas, feelings, opinions, views and emotions on a variety of issues in different contexts
Activity 1
Read the passage below carefully and answer the following questions.
The main problem of smoking primarily concerns children. We adults must make up our minds. Often we start smoking due to ignorance but now we have knowledge about the dangers of smoking. We must not fail to use that knowledge to help the younger generation. Those who are often times in contact with children must make an effort to not to smoke or at least to explain the effects of smoking to their children. Children today are subjected to environments where smoking is taken for granted.
Clearly, parents who smoke are at disadvantage in trying to prevent their children from smoking. However the smoking habit of older people can be linked to some specific period of strain or difficultly which can be explained to the children instead of leaving them to think that smoking is as inevitable as eating and drinking.
Considering that it is not easy to convince children about the disadvantages of smokingespeciallyif they are used to seeing their parents with cigarettes, seeing them relax while smoking a pipe and experience the air of irritation when an adult gives up smoking. Parents are often seen as role models, where does questioning their habits fall into this belief?
It would be helpful if parents explained their addiction to their children, parents can also try not to leave boxes of cigarets lying around as well as avoid handing cigarets for visitors around children, because this gives them the impression that it is okay to pass on such unhealthy habits to others.
Exercise 1
Give the meaning of the vocabulary below:
  1. Strain
  2. Addiction
  3. Outcast
  4. Granted
  5. Scorned


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