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This refers to reading detailed information for comprehension. We can read intensively about diseases, soil erosion, drug abuse, and child labour.
Responding to Specific Questions on Text Read
Respond to specific questions on a text read
Read the following text and answer the questions that follow:
Malaria affects people, apes, monkeys, and other mammals. It is one of the most ancient diseases known to man. In America, the first cases of the disease were reported in 1493 - hence the belief that it was probably imported by Columbus and his expedition.
The main transmitter of the disease is the female anopheles mosquito, however,one can acquire malaria through artificial means, such as blood transfusion. When one is bitten by the anopheles mosquito, the blood is infected by a germ called plasmodium. A person who has contracted malaria will suffer from symptoms including periodic fever, spleen enlargement, loss of appetite, vomiting, headache, and anemia. There is a general belief that there is only one type of malaria, this is false. As you can see below, there are several types. The most widespread variety is the Vivax malaria, sometimes called Tertian malaria. This type is notorious for resisting treatment. There is also falciparum malaria, also called Subtertian malaria. This has the most severe and most fatal. It develops best in areas with high temperatures hence its confinement to tropical areas. There is also Quartian malaria, prevailing in the Mediterranean coast land. Tertian malaria has been reported in East Africa and isolated areas of South America.
Now that malaria is killing thousands of people each day, are we all going to perish? The answer to this question is yes; unless deliberate efforts are taken to prevent it. There are preventive measures against this killer disease, these include destruction of the mosquito breeding places, taking anti-malaria drugs and using treated mosquito nets. If you think you have malaria, you have to consult a qualified physician for proper diagnosis and medication. For varying reasons, some people opt for local herbs.
Exercise 1
  1. Mention four preventive measures against malaria, other than those given by the author in the passage above.
  2. Describe the relationship between mosquito, plasmodium, and malaria
  3. Are majority of Tanzanians aware of the malaria disease? (give five reasons).
  4. Define the following terms that have been used in the passage a) infection, b) diagnosis, c) germs, d) prescription, e) symptoms, f) physician


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