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The Message from Simple Stories Read
Explain the message from simple stories read
This story is about a man called Masumbuk, hisneighbour and arope. Masumbuko was friendly to most of hisneighbours but there was one woman who he didn’t like. She was very interested in other people’s business and liked to gossip. It was a habit of hers to borrow things from her neighbours and forget to return them. This woman knew Masumbuko had a new rope in his shed and one day she came to his door and asked to borrow it. 'Well,' said Masumbuko, ‘I need to know why you want my rope.' 'I did a lot of washing this morning and my clothing line broke,' she replied. Masumbuko did not believe the woman but lent her his rope anyway. It was custom to get along with one's neighbours. The woman did not return the rope until a week later and this annoyed Masumbuko very much. Several days later, the woman came to Masumbuko's door and asked to borrow the rope again.
'Well', said Masumbuko, 'what do you need a rope for this time?' 'One of my neighbours is cutting a big branch in my garden', she answered’. 'He needs a rope to pull the branch away from the roof of my house'. Doesn't he have a rope of his own?' asked Masumbuko. 'No, he doesn’t,' the women answered rudely, ‘why do you think I am here asking for your rope if my neighbour has his own?' Masumbuko said nothing to the woman but went into his house. The woman could hear Masumbuko talking to his wife. A moment later, returned to the door. 'I am sorry,'he said to the woman,'but I can not lend you my rope right now; my wife is spreading flour on it.' 'She is spreading flour on it!' the woman exclaimed, 'but how can one spread flour on a rope? Are you trying to make me look like a fool?' 'Certainly,' Masumbuko answered, 'it is quite easy to spread flour on my rope when I do not wish to lend it to somebody.'
Exercise 1
Write short answers to these questions
  1. Who is main character in the story?
  2. Was Masumbuko friendly with his entire neighbourhood?
  3. What did the woman want from Masunbuko?
  4. What did Masumbuko say his wife was doing with the rope?

Questions on a Poem Read
Answer questions on a poem read
A poem is a piece of writing which consists of verses which form a stanza. A poet is a person who writes or composes a poem. A persona is a person who is speaking in the poem.
Read this poem and answer the questions by choosing the best alternative.
Alex the driver at the wheel
Bare his foot from toe to heel
Alex the driver big and fat
With a mourn round face and Muslim’s hat.
Alex the driver with a big white grin;
See how he crushes the gear in.
Alex the driver in his car
Bumps over dirt, stone and tar
Alex the driver at the wheel
With moon round face and a Muslim’s hat
Exercise 2
  1. What is the poem about? a) Alex the driver b) Conductor c) A boy d) Life
  2. The poet says Alex is a mechanical king, why does he say this?a)He drives slowly b) Because Alex knows how to handle his car well c) He drives fast. d) He likes money.
  3. The rhyming pairs in this poem are such as…….a) Wheel…heel, Fat …hat, Grin…in b) Drive, drove c) Sits, sets d) Fast, faster
  4. The poet likes to repeat some words and even a verse. Why does he do this? a) The words are simple b) It is good to repeat the words c) Simple to repeat. (d) So as to put emphasis on the recommended message.



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