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Talking about Activities being done by Oneself and/or other Creatures/Things
Talk about Activities being done by Oneself and other Creatures/Things
Example 1
Examples of ongoing activities
  • I am teaching computers.
  • My mother is watering the garden.
  • She was cooking Ugali.
  • The sun is shining the whole day.
  • Are you travelling to Accra?
  • The bell will ring at 4:30am.
Activity 1
Read this conversation and then answer the questions that follow:
Masu : Hi, how are you?
Mosi: Very well, thanks!
Masu: Can I see what you’re doing?
Mosi : Certainly!
Masu : Great, my name is Masu.
Mosi : My name is Mosi. The boy riding a bike is my young brother, Linus.
Masu: Is he learning how to ride?
Mosi: No, he is already a good rider, I coached him. He is competing in bicycle competitions in the next month.
Masu: I see, but what are you doing with that small clock?
Mosi: It is not a clock, it’s a stopwatch. I am timing how long he takes to ride one lap. Just watch as he finishes a lap. Linus, 28 sec? You’re slowing down, speed up!
Linus: I am getting tired sis!
Mosi: Try to ride faster for 24 seconds on the next lap!
Masu: I can see you are pushing him hard.
Mosi: Yes, this is the only way to train him. He has to go for the zonal race; 'no pain no gain' remember?
Masu: I also have a bicycle I like riding, but I don’t think I can train to compete.
Mosi: Well, we are not always just training. We also play here at Mrembeni Children Park. Would you care to join us?
Masu: Thanks, that would be great! I am new in town and so I don’t have many friends yet.
Write "true" if the statement is true and "false" if the statement is not true for each of the following statements:
  1. Linus is riding a bicycle……….
  2. Mosi is teaching her brother how to ride a bicycle…………
  3. Linus is preparing to ride in a cycling competition………..
  4. Mosi is good coach…………
  5. Mosi is punishing Linus because she is a cruel sister……….
  6. Linus is riding slower because he is tired…………
  7. Masu doesn’t like cycling…………..


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