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Likes and Dislikes
Express likes and dislikes
To talk about your likes and dislikes, you can use these expressions.
Expressing likes:
  • I like…
  • I love...
  • I adore…
  • I'm crazy about…
  • I’m mad about…
  • I enjoy…
  • I’m keen on…
Expressing dislikes:
  • I don’t like…
  • I dislike...
  • I hate…
  • I abhor…
  • I can’t bear...
  • I can’t stand…
  • I detest...
  • I loathe...
Example 1
Examples of likes and dislikes:
  • I'mmad aboutbasketball, but Ican’t bearice hockey.
  • Iadorereading poetry, but Iloathedoing the housework.
Things to remember about likes and dislikes:
  • When these expressions are followed by a verb, the latter is put in -ing form. Examples:"I like listening to music.""I hate wearing sun glasses."
I detest
I don't mind
  • Note that"very much"& "a lot" always come after the things you like.Examples:"I like basketballvery much/a lot. NOT "I like verymuch/a lotbasketball."
  • Be careful when you use "I don't mind..."Examples:"Do you mind playing football?""No, I don't mind."(Although it's in a negative form, it means that it's ok for me. I neither love it nor hate it.)
Dialogue:Amiri is at home. His girlfriend comes in...Notice how they express their likes and dislikes.
Amiri:Hello, darling. Do you fancy watching a film tonight?
Girlfriend:Oh, no thanks, I don't really feel like watching a film tonight. How about going out instead?
Amiri:OK. Do you feel like going to the theatre?
Girlfriend:Oh, no. I'm not in the mood for that. Do want go to the new Chinese restaurant?
Amiri:I don't mind. Chinese cuisine is alright.
Girlfriend:Well I really love it. Let's go.

Talking about Preferences
Talk about preferences
Read the following story.
My name is John and I like bananas and avocados. My friend Asha prefers drinking tea to coffee. My bother, Amabilis prefers travelling to staying at home all year. I prefer living in town to living in the village because we have access to more services in town.
Exercise 1
  1. What does John's prefer to eat?
  2. What does John’s older brother prefer?
  3. Where does John prefer to live?


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