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ESS Employee Self Service Sign Up And Log In

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Registering for ESS – Employee Self Service, ESS Employee Self Service Sign Up And Log In
Watumishi Portal Employee Self Service (ESS) ESS Tanzania, View Your Payroll Information via ESS (Employee Self Service), ESS Utumishi, Mfumo wa Uhamisho Watumishi wa Serikali is a system that allows employees to access and manage their own employment-related information, transactions, and tasks without the need for direct intervention from HR or administrative staff.

This includes accessing payroll information, requesting time off, viewing benefits and updating personal information.  Mfumo wa Uhamisho Walimu, mfumo wa uhamisho wa watumishi wa Umma.

ESS portal allow employees to login and make amendments to their tax details and track holidays, accessing payroll information.

How To Create Account (How to Register) Watumishi Portal Employee Self Service (ESS) Tanzania

1: Registration: For the user to register the  must have the Following:

i. Open your browser on your Phone, Tablet or Computer which may be Chrome, Mozilla, Opera-mini, edge etc

ii. Go to

ii. After opening the User who want to register must have the following:

(a)  Check Number E.g 123548635

(b) National ID Number (NIDA Number) E.g 19782502-0000256-256-2-227

(c) Email Address (Official email Address that employee use in his/her work)

iii. Go to your email inbox the you will receive a username and Password for log in to the ESS System

 v. Log in to the system by entering the username and Password that was sent to you via email


T Start Exchange Transfer Request (Uhamisho wa Kubadilishana) CLICK HERE

To star Normal Transfer (Uhamisho wa Kawaida Bila Kubadilishana) CLICK HERE

If you not registered or you are not sure if you are registered or not use the following link to check:

To Create Account (To Register or To Sign Up) CLICK HERE

To Log In As a Registered User CLICK HERE

For frequent asked question(FAQ) , join our support team group by clicking HERE

For any Technical inquiry, Please contact your ICT Support Team at : or call 026 216 0240


Thanks for reading ESS Employee Self Service Sign Up And Log In

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