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TSCMIS Sign Up And Log In Tume Ya Utumishi Wa Walimu TSC

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TSCMIS Sign Up And Log In Tume ya Utumishi wa Walimu TSC, Teachers Service Commission Management Information System (TSCMIS), TSCMIS registration, Teachers Service Commission Management Information System (TSCMIS)

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The Teachers Service Commission is the Employment and Disciplinary Authority for Teachers under Teacher Service Commission Law No. 25 of 2015.

Responsibilities of Commissions are specified in Article No. 5 of that Law along with its Regulations of the Year 2016.

The Department of Employment, Ethics and Teacher Development carried it the basic duties of the Commission.

This department has two parts which are Part of Employment and Development of Teachers and the Ethics and Discipline section

The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) has conducted training on the working of the Commission’s Electronic System (TSCMIS) as the beginning of the use of the system that aims to simplify the provision of services in terms of Employment, Ethics and Teacher Development in the country.

TSC Secretary Mwl. Paulina Nkwama said that the TSCMIS system will simplify and improve the performance of daily activities in serving teachers on employment issues (registration and confirmation at work), development of teachers (promotion and change of service structure), bonuses, disciplinary consultations as well and teachers’ appeals.

TSCMIS  system will help remove the challenges of accessing information on time, especially district information that is frequently delayed in being submitted to TSC Headquarters because the system has the ability to maintain and provide information on everything that is happening from the school level to TSC Headquarters.

The Commission serves teachers in the following categories: –

1. Primary and Secondary Teachers employed in the Public Service;

2. Teachers employed on a contract;

3. Teachers who completed their service, Teachers who changed cadres and joined other Employees in accordance with the procedures, and staff who died before 1st July, 2004 whose salaries are paid by the Ministry of Finance and Planning (Treasury).

What Is Found In TSCMIS 

1. Information about teachers’ promotion

2. Teachers Changed positions

3. Teachers in Study Leave

How To Sign Up and Log in TSCMIS

1. Switch on your internet connections on your device that may be Phone, computer, tablets or any other devices that supports internet browsing.

2. Open your browser on your device such as Operamini, Chrome, Edge, Mozilla, Safari etc.


3. Write the following address on your search bar of your browser:

(A) Search bar of your browser will appear as shown below:

4. The Area for registration (TSCMIS Sign Up) and Log in Area:

5. Enter Your Username – Which is your Check Number Eg. 234567657 and Password – whereby the Starting Password is “Secret1234” then click Log in

6. New window will open that requires you to write your new Password so that you can Log in to the TSCMIS System as Shown Below

TSCMIS Password Requirement

1. At least one lowercase

2. At least one uppercase

3. At least one numeric

4. At least one Special Character

5. Minimum 6 characters

7. The system will log you out after Successful change of your password and you will be required to enter your username (Check Number) and Password (The New You Created) then Log in again

8. If You have Successfully Logged Into the TSCMIS System it will Appear as shown below:


There after contue to fill in and save the required details

“It Is Our Hope That You Have Succeeded”

We Wish You All The Best

To Create Account and Log In to TSCMIS Click Here

Contact Us TSC

United Republic of Tanzania
P. O. Box 353,
Mtendeni Street,
Email Address:
Phone: +255 26 2322402

To Log In For Registered User to TSCMIS Click Here


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